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Single-cell multi-omics

Machine learning

Personalized organoid disease models

Understanding Life

A paradigm shift to understand how genomes function within cells, and how cells form tissues and dynamically remodel their activities when tissues progress towards disease.

Save the date: LifeTime meeting in Berlin 11-12 June 2020

News and events

Latest news and events from LifeTime

LifeTime at Berlin Science Week

We look forward to 3 exciting events with LifeTime during the Berlin Science Week that will take place from 1-10 November 2019. Interactive formats of The Science Slam of a LifeTime – “I know something Read more…

LifeTime Newsletter #1

LifeTime has launched the newsletter that will inform you on a regular basis with all the news and events of the initiative. In this first issue, we share information about the latest developments in LifeTime Read more…

New perspectives for LifeTime

LifeTime and the European Commission have initiated high-level strategic discussions to implement LifeTime’s vision and to fulfil the EC’s priorities for digital and data-driven medicine. Beginning of July, the coordinators of LifeTime, Nikolaus Rajewsky and Read more…

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