Newsletter #1 - September 2019


Dear LifeTime community,

We are very excited to launch the LifeTime newsletter that will inform you on a regular basis with all the news and events of the initiative.

In this first issue, we share information about the latest developments in LifeTime. Meetings with high-level representatives from the European Commission have shown that LifeTime’s vision aligns very well with EU funding priorities.

In the past months, we have built a great community. The events we have organised so far have proven very successful. The sold-out Opening Conference in Berlin, the LifeTime Ethics Workshop in Munich, and the LifeTime UnConference in Barcelona demonstrate the large interest in our initiative. And the next event is just around the corner. The “LifeTime meets industry” conference will take place on 31 October in Basel, Switzerland. Registration is now open!

We hope that you will enjoy reading the newsletter, and we look forward to building on the growing momentum in the LifeTime community with you in order to realise our vision of transforming healthcare in Europe.

Nikolaus Rajewsky and Geneviève Almouzni
LifeTime coordinators

LifeTime Updates

New perspectives for LifeTime

LifeTime and the European Commission have initiated high-level strategic discussions to implement LifeTime’s vision and to fulfil the EC’s priorities for digital and data-driven medicine.

Beginning of July, the coordinators of LifeTime, Nikolaus Rajewsky and Geneviève Almouzni, met with director general of DG CNECT, Roberto Viola. During this meeting, it became clear that LifeTime represents an excellent opportunity to capitalise on the EC’s recent investments in capacity building in areas such as supercomputing, artificial intelligence, and European cloud infrastructure.

Specifically, many of the technological developments that LifeTime foresees will create better data, feeding into these structures and thereby help to advance research, disease prevention, and personalised health and care in Europe. The path on how these technology developments will be combined with disease priorities, infrastructure (including training and knowledge transfer) and innovation over the next years will be laid out in the LifeTime Roadmap.

Horizon Europe Consultation: LifeTime calls for innovative approaches to better understand and treat diseases

The European Commission has asked for feedback on its new framework programme Horizon Europe, with a proposed budget of 100 billion Euros from 2021 to 2027.

LifeTime has submitted its recommendations, outlining the need for European coordination of distributed efforts in biomedical research and asks for support for large scale research initiatives.

Follow the link below to read the complete response.

Your opinion matters

- LifeTime Academy survey -

Future LifeTime technologies will bring a paradigm shift in how we treat and diagnose disease. Effectively training scientists and healthcare professionals to apply these advances, requires a visionary education platform.

We invite you to take part in a survey aimed at identifying and prioritising education, training and professional development needs. Your responses will be used to develop a revolutionary, multidisciplinary curriculum – the LifeTime Academy.

Your opinion is important for LifeTime.

LifeTime welcomes new members into the Consortium

LifeTime is pleased to welcome new academic institutions and research centers as Associated Partners of the Consortium. In June 2019, LifeTime launched a call for Associated Partners to join the Initiative. Over 70 institutions, many of which were not previously connected to the initiative, have already responded and are now officially associated with LifeTime.

From now on, scientists and clinicians from more than 90 organisations across Europe can participate in the work packages, working groups, task forces, and attend meetings to shape the future of LifeTime.

The call to become Associated Partners is still open

The call for academic institutions to become Associated Partners is still open and interested organisations can become members of the LifeTime Consortium by following the application process. There is no deadline and, in principle, it is possible to join the consortium at any time.

LifeTime UnConference

The LifeTime UnConference took place in Barcelona, 22-23 July 2019. The LifeTime Initiative hosted an event about Single-cell Multi-omics and Imaging and Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
This meeting generated an open-discussion that will help shape the scientific and technology roadmap of the LifeTime Initiative. LifeTime had invited a total of about 150 researchers to discuss their science by presenting their research in an open and informal setting. During the UnConference, EVERYBODY was welcome to present their work. We had over 50 talks and thank all participants for their engagement!

The meeting took place in the Science Museum of Barcelona, a perfect venue for inspiring discussion and exchange of ideas.

Experts identify the potential ethical, legal and societal aspects of the LifeTime Initiative

On 10 July, Helmholtz Stem Cell Center in Munich hosted the LifeTime Ethics Stakeholder Workshop with the aim to identify the potential ethical, legal and societal issues (ELSI) raised by the development of LifeTime technologies: single cell, machine learning and organoids.
Experts identify the potential ethical, legal and societal aspect of the LifeTime Initiative
With the LifeTime initiative involving researchers from over 20 countries in Europe, the workshop addressed the need to align to guidelines and principles required by both EU and international legislation, as well as by the national governments of the countries in which the participants perform their research.
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Upcoming LifeTime events

31 October 2019

LifeTime meets industry

Basel, Switzerland
This event is not only the occasion to contribute to the development of the LifeTime industry strategy and the LifeTime innovation framework but also the opportunity to provide crucial input to the LifeTime Roadmap and formulate recommendations for future funding frameworks supporting academia/industry collaborations within Horizon Europe.

Meet us at

19-21 September 2019

Berlin, Germany

23-26 September 2019

Brussels, Belgium

24-26 September 2019

Stockholm, Sweden

10-11 October 2019

Barcelona, Spain

22-24 September 2019

London, UK

1-9 November 2019

Berlin, Germany

4-6 November 2019

Überherrn, Germany

13-16 November 2019

Heidelberg, Germany
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LifeTime in the news

LifeTime featured in Nature Medicine article on the prospects of
single-cell sequencing

The LifeTime Initiative and its co-coordinator, Nikolaus Rajewsky, feature in a Nature Medicine article which details how single-cell sequencing has become a widespread research tool for scientists.
Interview with Nikolaus Rajewsky (German)

Wie kann man bei jeder Zelle im Körper kontrollieren, ob sie sich gesund entwickelt oder krank wird? Die Initiative „LifeTime“ kombiniert dafür künstliche Intelligenz und Molekularbiologie. Mitkoordinator Nikolaus Rajewsky vom Max-Delbrück-Centrum (MDC) im Gespräch über die Geheimnisse der Zellen – und darüber, was ihn mit Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen verbindet.
Two days worth of a LifeTime

On early May 2019, the LifeTime Flagship launched its Opening Conference in Berlin to talk about the goal of revolutionising healthcare together with medical experts across Europe.
LifeTime identified as innovation driver in the Santé 2030 report by LEEM (French Pharmaceutical Companies Association) (French)

LifeTime propose le développement et l’application de technologies de pointe dans une approche permettant des analyses combinées et dynamiques sur une cellule individuelle, tant en biologie moléculaire et "omiques" qu’en imagerie, à des niveaux allant de l’organe jusqu’à l’organisme entier.

VIDEO - Introduction to LifeTime

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