Job Title: Stakeholder Manager for the European Initiative LifeTime (Paris)

The Stakeholder Manager will be directly involved in the implementation of the European Initiative LifeTime, which aims to revolutionize medicine through mapping and targeting individual cells in the transition to disease. The Stakeholder Manger is expected to be actively involved in all activities of the Initiative and effectively liaise with all stakeholders of the project. He or she will be involved in coordinating and managing all aspects of the project implementation.


  • Complex and demanding international environment;
  • Based in Paris, the Stakeholder Manager will be fully integrated in the LifeTime coordination and management team (with offices in Berlin and Paris).

Main tasks:

  • Initiating and maintaining an interactive partnership respectful to the identity and capacities of all stakeholders;
  • Mapping interactions with stakeholders for an effective operational portfolio;
  • Managing, analyzing and dispatching in a timely manner reports or relevant information, reflecting project progress for dissemination within the LifeTime consortium, for strategic decision-making and implementation of actions;
  • Monitoring progress with stakeholder inputs on work packages and deliverables involving coordination and compliance with the proposal (gender balance, European representation, etc.);
  • Coordinating and offering support in organizing meetings or conferences, attending working groups and strategic meetings (expect to travel in Europe);
  • Supporting event communication, planning and related logistics: reach-out conferences, inaugurations and seminars, workshops, preparation of PPT presentations, drafting speeches, invitation letters;
  • Establishing a reliable and sustainable electronic archive of information for further consultation.

Ideal candidate should:

  • Be fluent in English and French, have excellent interpersonal and editorial skills in both languages (additional European languages are a plus);
  • Be able to work with all levels of management;
  • Be a good communicator, facilitator and team worker;
  • Demonstrate analysis and synthesis capacity, be able to share and highlight relevant information;
  • Be able to manage the activities following instructions from the team or the coordinator, respecting constraints and deadlines, at short notice and in a stressful environment;
  • Show oganizational qualities, versatility, sense of priority, be proactive and resourceful;
  • Be able to work on his/her own and in a team, depending on specific requirements;
  • Basic knowledge of book-keeping would be a plus.

Reporting relationship:

  • Under the supervision of Geneviève Almouzni, co-coordinator of LifeTime.

Please apply by sending an email with a resume and a cover letter to no later than 31 July 2019.

Start date: earliest timepoint possible | Fixed-term contract.