LifeTime UnConference will take place in Barcelona, 22- 23 July 2019.

At the UnConference in Barcelona, the LifeTime Initiative will host an event about Single-cell Multi-omics and Imaging and Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This meeting aims to generate an open-discussion that will help shape the scientific and technology roadmap of the LifeTime Initiative.

LifeTime has invited a total of about 150 researchers who will discuss their science by presenting their research in an open and informal setting.

During the UnConference, LifeTime plans to have several parallel talks with a program that is set on Day 1 of the UnConference. As such, there are no planned Programmes and EVERYBODY at the UnConference will be welcome to present their work. 

The UnConference will take place in the Science Museum of Barcelona, a perfect venue for inspiring discussion and exchange of ideas.