LifeTime started as the shared vision of leading scientists (Founding Members) at over 50 renowned organizations across Europe, who selected 18 partners to submit the proposal. The LifeTime EU grant consortium receives funding from Horizon 2020 for a one year Coordination and Support Action (CSA) to prepare a roadmap for a large scale research initiative.  It now consists of 17 Beneficiaries and 3 Linked Third Parties in 15 countries. But beyond these partners, LifeTime is an open and expanding community welcoming the participation of Associated Partners.

LifeTime is coordinated by Nikolaus Rajewsky at the Max Delbrück Center in Berlin (Germany) and Geneviève Almouzni at the Institut Curie in Paris (France).

The LifeTime Consortium includes the preeminent European laboratories developing multi-omic and bioimaging technologies, the institutions required to develop the computational technologies and infrastructure, world-renowned laboratories in the area of organoids to push the frontier of personalised disease models, bioethicists and a core group of leading clinician scientists.

LifeTime’s vision and objectives align with current European clinical needs. Many of the involved institutions include or are linked to translational/clinical research facilities and hospitals, ensuring that LifeTime discoveries can be rapidly translated into clinical practice. The diversity, excellence, and interdisciplinary connectedness of its members places LifeTime in a unique position to galvanise the relevant expertise and stakeholders required to address the major science and technology objectives.